Basic Information
Name: Lindsay J Searles
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 1984-11-02
Gender: female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 121.4lbs
Body Fat Percentage: 20
Body Composition
Skinfold measures:
Abdominal 1 Triceps 1
Chest 1 Mid-axillary 1
Subscapular 1 Suprailiac 1
Thigh 1
Girth measurements:
Neck 3 Chest 3
Shoulder 3 Biceps 3
Waist 3 Hips 3
Thigh 3 Calf 3
Ordered Goals:
  1. Improved Health
  2. Weight Gain
  3. Improved Endurance
  4. Increased Strength
  5. Increased Power
  6. Increased Muscle Mass
  7. Fat Loss
  8. Sport Specific*
Sport or athletic event being trained for:
Timeline for achieving a specific goal: No
Timeline details:
Type of progress that is most important: Maintainable progress that may not be as rapid Progress explaination: I'd like to be healthier for my son.
Exercise Information
Exercise Ratings:
Barbell Squats: unfamiliar
Barbell Deadlift: unfamiliar
Barbell Bench Press: novice
Bent-over Barbell Row: unfamiliar
Barbell Shoulder Press: novice
Pull-up: novice
Barbell Hack Squat: unfamiliar
Olympic Snatch: unfamiliar
Olympic Clean: unfamiliar

Exercising regularly (at least 3x per week): No
Been on a consistent exercise plan (at least 3x per week): No
How long ago and how long did it last:
Medical and Health Information
Health problems: N/A
Medications: N/A
Therapies or interventions for the given health problem(s): N/A
Injuries: N/A
Therapies or interventions for the given injury(s): N/A
Lifestyle Information
Occupation: Web Developer
Activity level: None (seated work only)
Shift work: No
When do you work: nights
Primary caregiver: Yes
Travel Frequency A few times a year
Physical activities: Walking, frisbee, ice skating
Daily schedule: [8am] - Wake up [9am-6pm] - Work [9pm] - Go to sleep
Grocery budget: 125.00
Times per week you shop for groceries: 2
Number of meals you eat out: 3
Supplement budget: 0
Nutritional supplements:
Food allergies:
Food sensitivities:
Dietary record: Download File
Length of time eating in the manner recorded on dietary record 5 months
Miscelaneous Information
Other info:
Complaints and/or dissatisfactions: